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Panda Bamboo Sunglasses - Story

The original eco-friendly sunglasses! The frames are handcrafted from 100% FSC certified bamboo, making them lightweight and naturally antibacterial. Plus they'll float in water! Every pair purchased gives the Gift of Vision to someone in need.

"Why don’t we change the way sunglasses are made -- you know... make them better?"

We were started with the vision that the sunglasses industry could be something different.

There were enough cheap, generic plastic shades out there polluting our oceans. Maybe it was time for something sustainable, something eco-friendly and beautiful from start to finish.

The people agreed, and we met our 2012 Kickstarter goal in 3 days! 2500 days later the idea of sustainable eyewear seems to have taken root and grown like, well, bamboo!


Bamboo is naturally lightweight, strong, and antibacterial, ideal for something that rests on your face all day.

And growing bamboo is remarkably low impact: it takes less room, grows faster, and requires less replanting, fertilizer, and water. Despite this, bamboo forests produce more oxygen than traditional woods.

Bamboo can't quite do it all though and with the introduction of our watch collection, additional sustainable materials were needed. So we used bamboo where we could and balanced the natural beauty of its wood grain with sustainable Portuguese cork as well as recycled metals.


The concept of "fashion with a purpose" was a cornerstone of our founding philosophy and it remains central to the work we do today. We are determined to be a force for good, both for people and the planet.

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