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Christmas Fashion: Top Christmas Colour Combos to Try

The holidays are quickly approaching and it's time for you to upgrade your style to match. Is your Christmas fashion up to par, or is it time for a shopping trip?

If you have holiday parties to prepare for, or if you just enjoy looking festive, we want to help you plan some outfits! Keep reading for a few of the best fashion colour combos for the holiday season.

Classic Red and Green

Red and green is the most classic Christmas colour combination. While some people think it's a bit too "Christmas-y" to be fashionable, this isn't the case. You can easily mix red and green in a classy and mature way.

A simple red dress paired with a green belt and green jewellery will look casual and festive. Add a dark green scarf or shawl to stay cosy during your holiday parties.

Elegant Red, Black, and Gold

Red, black, and gold combine to make a festive colour scheme that can work all autumn and winter. It's classic but elevated.

Any combination of these colours looks fantastic, but we love the look of a form-fitting red turtleneck sweater tucked into some loose high-waisted black trousers. Wear a gold necklace with a thick chain and some thick gold hoops for some extra shine.

Pair it all with a black beret for a chic and modern work-friendly holiday outfit.

If you prefer something dressier, an elegant red dress paired with black stockings and gold jewellery will fit in at any holiday party.

Cool Silver and White

If you want to be festive without bright colours, silver and white make a great colour combination. Your outfit will be reminiscent of fresh snow. This is also a great colour combination for any New Year's parties you have coming up.

If you're feeling flashy, a bold silver sequin party dress pairs well with white accessories, like pearl jewellery and a white handbag. This is a party-friendly look that will turn heads. 

For a more subtle outfit, pair a white sweater dress (or sweater and trousers) with sterling silver jewellery. A white hat and scarf will pull the outfit together.

Cosy Tan and White

If you love an all-white look but you want to bring in some warmth, beige and tan tones can help.

A white top and skirt (or leggings) paired with a tan cardigan and over-the-knee tan boots will look classy and modern. Get some fluffy tan or white earmuffs and a matching scarf to complete the winter-ready look.

An off-white sweater dress paired with tan or skin-tone tights and off-white heels will also look great. Add some gold jewellery to complete the warm look.

Subtle Green and Black

Green and black pair well for an elegant and subtle holiday look that continues to work all winter long. Dark green is best for this colour combo.

For a fancy look, a long green gown over black sheer tights pairs well with your favourite black heels. Silver, gold, or black jewellery will work well here alongside a black handbag.

For something more casual, black leggings paired with a green sweater and black hat will create a great base for some of your favourite holiday accessories. Even "gaudy" holiday brooches and jewellery will look understated with such a stylish and simple look. 

How Will You Style Your Christmas Fashion?

Christmas fashion isn't all about glitter and "ugly" holiday sweaters. You can look stylish and seasonal with these fun and elegant colour combos. Which of these style ideas will you add to your holiday outfit rotation?

If you're refreshing your wardrobe for winter, we have what you need. Check out our clothing collection to find your new favourite piece today.


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